Founder President's Message :

Hon. Madhukarrao chaudhari, populary known as Loksevak Balasaheb Chaudhari has an extensive legacy of fundamental revolutionary reforms in educational, agricultural, cultural and Political fields. He was greatly facinated with Mahatma Gandhi and till his last breath walked on the path of Gandhian philosophy, Balasahed has wide and rich Go years of Social and 30 years of Political experience. He is still an inspiration and the role model as Speaker of Maharashtra Assembly and Education Minister.

Hon. Madhukarrao Chaudhari took education as the Powerful tool of Nation building and social progress. He was of the opinion that education should help the students and teachers to discover their fullest potential to become productive citizens of the Nation. As an education Minister, one education Council, Pay Scale, Service Assurance, Salary through Banks, 10+2+3 structure, White Paper grands to Libraries, Balbharati and foundation of North Mahara. shtra University Jalgaon are few of his contributions to the Present day education. He was always of the opinion that educational opportunities should be within the reach of the underprevilleged section of the Society. It is the source of inspiration to provide quality higher education through advance infrastructural facilities for the benefits of Aadiwasi, downtrodden and rural local community. Afterall, education is for the well being of the society.

To bring the ideas of Hon. Madhukarrao Chaudhari in reality the present institution is encouraging the surrounding students as aspire for higher academic achievements and help them to unleash their hidden abilities and realize their cherished goals.